New Place to Play in the Mud. “Yellow top, yellow mud.”

New place to play in the mud. This time again in the mud. Such is the continuation of Shylinca. In a hot summer day it was really the best that she could do. The water was very cold, but mud was wonderfully slimy and sticky. She liked it a lot and it is also seen in the video. Blue Wellies, shiny trousers, yellow top.

16.2 minutes


Wet Leather Boots “Very First Wetlook Video”

Old swimming pool in the backyard. This time Shylinca decided to try out what it is to swim while fully-clothed and wearing white boots. The water slowly leaked into her boots. She went even deeper in the finals and she immersed herself in the water up to her neck. White leather jacket, shiny pants and white boots.

13.6 minutes


Puddle Bathroom “Mud puddle”

Do you remember the Shylinca’s first video in a puddle? That’s fine. She went there again to see how it looks there now. This time in her new wellies. Shylinca smoked a cigarette and then took bath in nature. It was a short moment after which she enjoyed in a puddle near the pond. Several photos are included as a bonus.

10.3 minutes


New Wellies “The new wellies test can begin.”

Shylinca bought a new wellies and immediately went to try it. In a warm day is hard to find some deep puddles. On the way to her friend she found a small puddle near the road. Test new wellies can begin. The new HD video camera and a new wellies–what happens? You can see the result yourself.

Blue colored wellies, gray latex leggings, black top.

9.4 minutes